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Telling Stories Through Music

Telling Stories Through Music


Music around. Everywhere at home. Dad was keen on Hendrix, Purple, Perfect while mum was enjoying Polish extremely popular band Czerwone Gitary. Parents were into vinyls and so were I.

The first gig of Polish rock band Perfect, dad grabbed me there. I couldn’t resist – it was too loud, and I began to cry. Thus, my mum has blasted father – I was just a kiddo…

My first cassette player an awesome stereo stuff but pooped a bit ought to permanent usage, and it wasn’t that easy to push record and play buttons together. Nightmare!

Iron Maiden. Borderless love. Posters, cassettes, merch.

Brzoza and Grochu – metal soulmates. Grochu’s mum works in Ruch (magazines&paper distributor) and Ruch newsagent’s customer service. As she was responsible for all newsagents returns, everyone wanted to be Grochu’s friend.
I remember my room full of monster Eddie’s posters stuck to a brand-new wallpaper with a sticky tape. My mum almost dropped dead.

One day, my dad brought home an old school bass guitar. Right away I was performing Maidens Wasted Years using just one string. The guitar was unable to tune as it got two strings together on one tuning peg.

However, the soundbox smell – unforgettable for this day.

And here I am. Bartosz Kossowicz.

Over and Out.

Collage 2022

It sounds like an autobiography, isn’t it?

Ready for the next parts?

Stay tuned.